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Back in 1989, two chemistry professors named Stanley Pons and Martin Fleishman announced that they had successfully achieved cold fusion. They claimed that they had done this using a palladium anode that was submerged in a high water D2O solution containing sodium deuteroxide. This was the birth of cold fusion.

Unfortunately, due to inconsistency in the reports they both published, many scientists were not able to duplicate their findings. As a result of the misunderstandings and inconsistencies, the topic of cold fusion became a discredited theory and application of science.
However, in modern times and thanks to the invention of technology, there are scientists now around the world that are beginning to believe in the concept of cold fusion.

The reason behind the change of mind is because now scientists agree that due to the climate change that is facing our world as a result of the large quantities of carbon emission released into the atmosphere each day, an alternative, cleaner source of energy must be found.
As a result, more scientists
are now trying to understand the concept, theory and application of cold fusion so that they can come up with a way to provide energy to the world while keeping the environment as clean as possible.
Cold fusion works by being able to combine certain elements such as iron and nickel or nickel and hydrogen, which have high binding energies in their nuclei, together so that they are able to become a heavier and more potent nucleus that is able to produce large amounts of sustainable energy. The combination of nickel and hydrogen is also known as nickel hydrogen fusion.
However, this is easier said than done. Science the scientific bodies of the world are still trying to accept the concept of cold fusion as the real deal, scientists are not able to carry out experiments and tests due to a lack of funding and research personnel.
Scientists are trying to do all that they can to create an interest in the field of cold fusion. This is so people become aware of it and help them create a sustainable form of unlimited energy that has the expected potential to provide 500,000 times more energy than all the fossil fuels of the world combined.

As a result, there have now been many publications completed on the topic of cold fusion. The largest variety of cold fusion publications can be found on

Some of the publications that successfully explain cold fusion and how it can change our world (according to Amazon review and reader ratings) are mentioned below:

The Rebirth of Cold Fusion: Real Science, Real Hope, Real Energy
This book is written by Steven B. Krivit on Oct 1st, 2004. This book gives an introduction to LENR (Low Energy Nuclear Reaction), how it works and its applications for energy in the future using devices such as E-CAT. The book discusses the development of cold fusion as well as the personal opinions of those scientists that are currently working in the field of cold fusion.
This book astonishes readers and gives them a chance to learn the history of cold fusion and how hostile the scientific community was towards the topic. The book describes that part of the reason why the theory of cold fusion was discredited was because of the 50 year old belief that only multimillion degree temperatures could cause the fusion if hydrogen cells.

This book is considered to be a must-read by readers and the general public that want to understand why the topic of cold fusion has been so controversial, the current situation in the research of cold fusion and the possibility of applying cold fusion as a means of a permanent energy source.
This book is very well writer and defines cold fusion in simple terms for the new generation of scientists.
Excess Heat: Why Cold Fusion Research Prevailed (2nd Edition)
This book is written by Charles G. Beaudette on May 1st 2002. This book provides a very detailed, honest and accurate insight into the early days of cold fusion, the confusion that was caused regarding the matter and the later rejection of the entire field of cold fusion. It then goes on to explain that how cold fusion is making a comeback in the world of modern science.

This book is considered to be pinnacle of perfection in the fascinating field of cold fusion. This book is very interesting and very readable by the average reader. This book is said to be a must read for all people that are interested in a sustainable new energy source.
The Science of the Cold Fusion Phenomenon: In Search of the Physics and Chemistry behind Complex Experimental Data Sets
This book was written by Hideo Kozima on October 10th 2006. This book gives an explanation to all the data and research on the matter of cold fusion to date. It explains the history of cold fusion, gives the results of all the tests and studies conducted on the cold fusion phenomenon and explains the problems that are associated with cold fusion.
This book is a very detailed analysis of cold fusion and is a must read for all readers who wish to discover the true story behind the cold fusion phenomenon.

For people that are wishing to pursue a career in cold fusion or those people that simply want to get a better understanding of the topic, these three books are a must-read for all enthusiasts in the field of cold fusion.

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